Jane Harris

Stop the Silence: Give Grief Voice to
Ease the Bereavement Epidemic

Lisa Stromsmoe

Create Sacred Spaces and Peaceful Moments
During Life’s Big Eruptions

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Jane Harris is a psychotherapist, filmmaker and public speaker. In the early 1980s, she studied film and worked in promoting films made by women until she started her training as a psychotherapist in 1988. They also produce films for the charity sector, including Gerry’s Legacy (for Alzheimer’s Society, 2013) and Say Their Name for The Compassionate Friends, 2014. 

Alongside her husband and fellow filmmaker, Jimmy Edmonds, Jane co-founded and runs The Good Grief Project created to share their experience of grief and to help others to find an active and creative response to the  expression of their grief through photography, film, creative writing and their Active Grief Retreats. 

In 2018 they co-directed the award winning feature documentary A Love That Never Dies. 


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Lisa leads women who've experienced loss, divorce, and big life eruptions into a place of true belonging and joy. She creates sacred space for the hard conversations around loss. And shows women how to navigate the darkness in the direction that leads them back home.  

When you return to yourself you can rise up fiercely and create the life you wish for, no matter the season.

Some call Lisa an earthbound angel, while others a transition magician. But what she really does is listen deeply to you. She's helped women diminish personal suffering, create vibrant relationships, and take massive action with ease and grace.

You can also find Lisa tromping around in the snow searching for sick powder lines on the slopes, planning her next soul-fulfilling adventure, or reading about the wild, mystical feminine.

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