Elena Lipson

How to Respond to Grief Now So You Can Feel Vibrant Later

Suzy Finnefrock

How Movement Creates Mental Shifts for Dealing with Grief

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Elena Lipson is the founder of the Divinely Aligned Circle Membership and the top rated, Divinely Aligned Meditations & Musings Podcast. Her passion is to teach you to trust what your innate 𝐁𝐨𝐝𝐲-𝐖𝐒𝐬𝐝𝐨𝐦ℒ & create  your new Wealth Identityβ„’ through online magic.

As a retreat leader, speaker, writer, coach and podcaster, Elena loves to work with busy women and inspire them to redefine the hustle in exchange for creating a life they love with the Feminine Metrics of success: Pleasure, Play, Ease, Grace and Trusting Your Own Pace.

Through her speaking, writing, retreats, and online programs, Elena wants to help busy women drop the hurry mindset and become the #1 asset in life, business, and the bedroom.

 Elena has lived in Russia, NYC, California and today happily enjoys the green trees and fresh air of the Pacific Northwest with her husband and son.



Suzy is an Embodied Wisdom Guide

She provides holistic private coaching, group embodiment experiences, and leads Full Circle - a full immersion course dedicated to empowerment through personal growth and awareness. 

She uses movement mindfulness and community connection as a framework to support women on their heroine's journey. 


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