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I am beautiful. I am brave. I am love. I am free.

These words have been my daily affirmations since 2017. They’re the sentiments I strive to embody—and the inspiration behind the I AM candle collection.

I launched the collection in June 2020, during the global pandemic and uprising of the Black Lives Matter movement. My goal is to honor the ancestors who’ve lifted me up (including my mother, Cynthia Geneva Lawson, and my grandmother Eleanor Cecilia Lawson) and to empower generations to come, especially women of color.

Each candle combines a variety of scents, from earthy oakmoss to dreamy vanilla sandalwood, to invoke the joyful, courageous, liberating vibes of the affirmation it represents. Every time I light one, I embrace its words and remember that I’m not alone. That I’m protected and safe no matter what society says about me or other people of color. I hope the candles will do the same for you—remind you that you are empowered and you are enough.

I truly believe, friends, that it’s our duty to let love lead, and doing so starts with a spark of our own light. I’m so happy to share a bit of my light and love with you.

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 “When I practice, I’m not looking for instant gratification. It’s work—but afterward I always feel more open, more aware, more alive.” —ACE

Alicia “ACE” Easter is a yoga and meditation instructor, brand ambassador, and master Reiki practitioner on a mission to empower others by helping them work through emotions physically. It’s a journey that began when she discovered the emotionally healing powers of yoga while grieving the loss of her mother, who died of pancreatic cancer when ACE was 19.

ACE, a proud graduate of Tracee Stanley meditation teacher training, incorporates meditation into each and every class. With lots of positive affirmations and an emphasis on body acceptance, she forges real soul-to-soul connections—but always balances the physical and emotional challenge with lightness, laughter, and fun.

With national bestselling author Jennifer Pastiloff, ACE cohosts the podcast "What Are You Bringing"? and has interviewed experts in social justice, sex and love, spirituality, and more—including Elizabeth Gilbert and Erin Brokovich. ACE and Pastiloff have also cohosted retreats in Italy and France.

As owner and founder of ACE Enterprises, LLC, ACE created the I AM FREE workshops—featuring yoga, meditation, and intention setting—and has held them throughout California. In summer 2020, she launched the I AM candle collection, pairing some of her favorite scents with her daily affirmations.

ACE lives in North Hollywood, CA, with her two guru cats, Sir Reggie and Lady Bell. Her writing and work has been featured in outlets including Yoga Journal, Essence, and Women's Health. She’s most proud of her laugh and her willingness to always chase the sun.



Desiree Mangandog is an acupuncturist, herbalist, essential oil expert and intuitive healer. 

She combines the power of high frequency essential oils and the wisdom of Chinese medicine to release expired emotions that hold us back from expanding our consciousness.

Learn more about Desiree and her work here.


3 Essential Oil Blends for Letting Go, Soothing the Soul & Increasing Abundance

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Trudy Stoner is not your ordinary love coach.  

You are love, and she wants you to know it.  

Her mission is to help people wake up to this knowledge and build the necessary foundation for healthy, forever love.  

With a passion for Spiritual Psychology, she believes we are all spiritual beings having a human experience.  When we are aligned with love, we step into our power and create abundance in all areas of life.  

There is joy in authenticity and freedom in expression when we really understand what love is, and who we are. Falling deeply in love with ourselves is the key to really learning how to live.

You can learn more about Trudy and her work by visiting her website here or joining her FB group here.

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