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Elena Lipson is the founder of the Divinely Aligned Circle Membership and the top rated, Divinely Aligned Meditations & Musings Podcast. Her passion is to teach you to trust what your innate 𝐁𝐨𝐝𝐲-𝐖𝐢𝐬𝐝𝐨𝐦™ & create  your new Wealth Identity™ through online magic.

As a retreat leader, speaker, writer, coach and podcaster, Elena loves to work with busy women and inspire them to redefine the hustle in exchange for creating a life they love with the Feminine Metrics of success: Pleasure, Play, Ease, Grace and Trusting Your Own Pace.

Through her speaking, writing, retreats, and online programs, Elena wants to help busy women drop the hurry mindset and become the #1 asset in life, business, and the bedroom.

 Elena has lived in Russia, NYC, California and today happily enjoys the green trees and fresh air of the Pacific Northwest with her husband and son.



Suzy is an Embodied Wisdom Guide

She provides holistic private coaching, group embodiment experiences, and leads Full Circle - a full immersion course dedicated to empowerment through personal growth and awareness. 

She uses movement mindfulness and community connection as a framework to support women on their heroine's journey. 


Please join me for a FREE embodied movement class experience. 

Discover, explore, unleash, and enhance your individual potential to live a healthy and meaningful life by engaging your senses and listening to your body.  Nia is based on the intelligent design of your body. Each class combines mindfulness and dynamic movement - leaving you energized, mentally clear, and emotionally balanced.  Nia combines 52 simple moves with dance arts, martial arts, and healing arts to energize and enliven body, mind, emotion, and spirit.  Nia is non-impact, practiced barefoot, and can be adapted to meet individual needs and abilities.

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Uncovering the necessary first step in not only knowing... but becoming who YOU are. 

Who we are is often mistaken for WHO WE’VE BECOME as a result of life’s experiences, how we were raised and the generational beliefs our families have instilled in us.

When we live in agreement with who we truly are, new opportunities come into our lives, relationships flourish, your health becomes vibrant and you experience a feeling of living the life you know you are truly meant to live. 

The two things I hear most are, I'm not sure who I truly am, and I don't even know what I want. What if I walked you through how to zero in on exactly what you want, and then I support you in getting from here to there in a way that makes sense to your body, feels safe in your mind and is as slow or as accelerated as you wish? 

The work inside of Life By Design is the perfect place to begin and once you have had time to do this, we can take the next step together. 

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Angie Peladeau is devoted to self embodiment and transformation through the weaving of science, energy and yoga.

Angie has studied mindfulness, meditation, energy healing, plant medicine and eastern philosophies. Traveling around the world, studying with master teachers while learning the healing and spiritual ways of their cultures would lead her home to develop her own unique modality.

She was certified Awakened after completing a 28-day Deepening Process at the Oneness University in India in 2015 and was initiated as a Oneness Trainer after returning for her second process.

Angie believes that Self Embodiment and Transformation is about the journey that unfolds as you walk your path, not how fast you can get there. She encourages clients to discover the magic of coming home to themselves over and over for the trust and strength that it builds within.

Regularly leading courses, international retreats, and working with private clients, Angie's offerings are a culmination of her training in energy healing,

hatha yoga, plant medicine and oneness. Angie supports your life and you business with her work. Offering you the opportunity to journey into the  fullest expression of your life.


Get access to the tools Olympians use for staying resilient! 

This Printable PDF includes a checklist and hands-on exercises you can do in a little time. 

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Boost your resilience and enjoy your new chapter in life.



Elena Muratova is an Olympian and expert in wellness and life transitions. 

She spent almost 25 years in professional sport, taking podiums at Europe Cup and World Cup competitions in mogul skiing. 

The pinnacle of Elena’s athletic career was the participation in the Olympic Games 2014. The same year, Elena retired from professional sport, moved from Russia to Canada, and started a new career. In 2019 she published her bestselling book “My Russian Way to Boldness. How to Find Yourself” in which Elena tells about her journey from anxiety and traumas to resilience and confidence. 

She also shares how facing alopecia (the disease that forces hair to fall out) led her to body- and self-acceptance. Elena is now a life transition coach and wellness specialist. 

She also has her YouTube channel “Elena Muratova”. 



This is a complete copy of Jen's bestselling book detailing her 49 ways to drop the armour and defuse the drama

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Jennifer is a self-leadership mentor who helps women to transform their lives from the inside out by identifying hidden subconscious patterns that are keeping them trapped in overthinking, at the mercy of their emotions, drained of energy and preventing them from living the life they truly desire. 

Jen is a successful entrepreneur having founded four businesses across four industries, holds a master’s in business, has pioneered change for women abroad, succeeded as a competitive sportsperson, adventured globally, and all while solo parenting two kids.

But as a ‘serial overachiever’ her success came at the cost of broken relationships, inner conflict, and burnout. 

In her book, The Power of a Peaceful Woman: 49 Ways to drop the armour and defuse the drama, she shares her 49 practical ‘real life lessons’ that were the catalyst for getting her out of her head and into her heart and ultimately transformed her existence to one grounded in peace and happiness, and aligned her with a purpose-filled, abundant life.



I am beautiful. I am brave. I am love. I am free.

These words have been my daily affirmations since 2017. They’re the sentiments I strive to embody—and the inspiration behind the I AM candle collection.

I launched the collection in June 2020, during the global pandemic and uprising of the Black Lives Matter movement. My goal is to honor the ancestors who’ve lifted me up (including my mother, Cynthia Geneva Lawson, and my grandmother Eleanor Cecilia Lawson) and to empower generations to come, especially women of color.

Each candle combines a variety of scents, from earthy oakmoss to dreamy vanilla sandalwood, to invoke the joyful, courageous, liberating vibes of the affirmation it represents. Every time I light one, I embrace its words and remember that I’m not alone. That I’m protected and safe no matter what society says about me or other people of color. I hope the candles will do the same for you—remind you that you are empowered and you are enough.

I truly believe, friends, that it’s our duty to let love lead, and doing so starts with a spark of our own light. I’m so happy to share a bit of my light and love with you.

As an attendee, please enjoy 20% off your first order from the I AM Collection use code: IAMGRATEFUL20

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 “When I practice, I’m not looking for instant gratification. It’s work—but afterward I always feel more open, more aware, more alive.” —ACE

Alicia “ACE” Easter is a yoga and meditation instructor, brand ambassador, and master Reiki practitioner on a mission to empower others by helping them work through emotions physically. It’s a journey that began when she discovered the emotionally healing powers of yoga while grieving the loss of her mother, who died of pancreatic cancer when ACE was 19.

ACE, a proud graduate of Tracee Stanley meditation teacher training, incorporates meditation into each and every class. With lots of positive affirmations and an emphasis on body acceptance, she forges real soul-to-soul connections—but always balances the physical and emotional challenge with lightness, laughter, and fun.

With national bestselling author Jennifer Pastiloff, ACE cohosts the podcast "What Are You Bringing"? and has interviewed experts in social justice, sex and love, spirituality, and more—including Elizabeth Gilbert and Erin Brokovich. ACE and Pastiloff have also cohosted retreats in Italy and France.

As owner and founder of ACE Enterprises, LLC, ACE created the I AM FREE workshops—featuring yoga, meditation, and intention setting—and has held them throughout California. In summer 2020, she launched the I AM candle collection, pairing some of her favorite scents with her daily affirmations.

ACE lives in North Hollywood, CA, with her two guru cats, Sir Reggie and Lady Bell. Her writing and work has been featured in outlets including Yoga Journal, Essence, and Women's Health. She’s most proud of her laugh and her willingness to always chase the sun.


3 Essential Oil Blends for Letting Go, Soothing the Soul & Increasing Abundance

In this free guide, I share with you 3 of the most popular essential oil blends from my book, I Am Fabulous and the best ways to use them to create the emotional and energetic changes you desire.

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Desiree Mangandog is an acupuncturist, herbalist, essential oil expert and intuitive healer. 

She combines the power of high frequency essential oils and the wisdom of Chinese medicine to release expired emotions that hold us back from expanding our consciousness.

Learn more about Desiree and her work here.


Get your first month free when you become a member of the Only Healthy Love Academy. 

A place to fall deeply in love with you, break toxic cycles and find forever love.  

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Trudy Stoner is not your ordinary love coach.  

You are love, and she wants you to know it.  

Her mission is to help people wake up to this knowledge and build the necessary foundation for healthy, forever love.  

With a passion for Spiritual Psychology, she believes we are all spiritual beings having a human experience.  When we are aligned with love, we step into our power and create abundance in all areas of life.  

There is joy in authenticity and freedom in expression when we really understand what love is, and who we are. Falling deeply in love with ourselves is the key to really learning how to live.

You can learn more about Trudy and her work by visiting her website here or joining her FB group here.


You need not be unmothered!  The Mother Wound affects us at our deepest places, and causes multiple issues…in our relationships, in our self-concept, in our confidence, our creativity, our sexuality, and our purpose expression!  

But this can be remedied…We can reclaim what we’ve lost. Great Mother said, “Bring me your unmothered, and I will heal them.”  

Please don’t wait another day…download the “RE-MOTHERED: Ten Tips to Reclaim your Ultimate Mother and Heal Symptoms of the Mother Wound” 

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Licia Berry is a bestselling author, educator, speaker, mentor, facilitator, and women’s advocate for resolution of the cultural Mother Wound for 30+-years. Utilizing creative, psychological, neurobiological and indigenous approaches, Licia is a pioneer of the holistic/integrative healing movement.  

She is the Founder and President of the Daughters of Earth™ Women’s Leadership Institute, where she trains and mentors women called to midwife the world into a new era. 

She is the author of the #1 international bestseller, I AM Her Daughter – the Healing Path to a Woman’s Power and Soul Compost- Transforming Adversity into Spiritual Growth. 

Learn more about Licia here or here


Connect to your five senses, psychic powers, and your heart space by allowing these words from Source to activate your heart and soul. Surrender to the love in your heart by opening yourself up to receive the wisdom within.

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Gila is a Divine Feminine healer, Writing Empowerment coach, poet, and spiritual heart guide. She guides you to intuitively access sacred energy and words to live a limitless life of unconditional love. 

Her mentoring focuses on releasing the old story and writing your new story, trusting your internal GPS, intuition, body, and heart. Her guidance helps you to increase awareness of your own divine body and heal traumatic wounds through writing, meditation, movement, breathwork, and self-affirmations.

The types of trauma that Gila can help you heal from and release are PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder related to bereavement), and chronic trauma such as bullying, domestic violence, child and sexual abuse.

Gila’s authentic inner heart-healing empowers you to live a divinely erotic blissful life. 



Jane Harris is a psychotherapist, filmmaker and public speaker. In the early 1980s, she studied film and worked in promoting films made by women until she started her training as a psychotherapist in 1988. They also produce films for the charity sector, including Gerry’s Legacy (for Alzheimer’s Society, 2013) and Say Their Name for The Compassionate Friends, 2014. 

Alongside her husband and fellow filmmaker, Jimmy Edmonds, Jane co-founded and runs The Good Grief Project created to share their experience of grief and to help others to find an active and creative response to the  expression of their grief through photography, film, creative writing and their Active Grief Retreats. 

In 2018 they co-directed the award winning feature documentary A Love That Never Dies. 


Who are you, now that you lived through loss?

No matter when the loss or transition, at this moment, you are navigating a season.

Take this quiz so you can claim your crown where you are and discover the blessings that will carry you forward.

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Lisa leads women who've experienced loss, divorce, and big life eruptions into a place of true belonging and joy. She creates sacred space for the hard conversations around loss. And shows women how to navigate the darkness in the direction that leads them back home.  

When you return to yourself you can rise up fiercely and create the life you wish for, no matter the season.

Some call Lisa an earthbound angel, while others a transition magician. But what she really does is listen deeply to you. She's helped women diminish personal suffering, create vibrant relationships, and take massive action with ease and grace.

You can also find Lisa tromping around in the snow searching for sick powder lines on the slopes, planning her next soul-fulfilling adventure, or reading about the wild, mystical feminine.

Find more info on Lisa here!

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