"Lisa is a beautiful soul.
She is on an earthbound mission to guide women so that they can connect, heal and become alive!"

 - Kehly MacDuff, E3 Tri-Be

Death, Divorce, and Other Messy Transitions.

You’re reading this because you’ve experienced a shocking life change that’s rocked your world.
You’re uncontrollably falling down the side of the mountain.

Everything is moving at super speed around you, and you can’t get a grip on anything.
Nothing is how you remember it.

You stand upon your feet again and find yourself feeling:

Beyond frustrated because all you want to do is spend time with your kids, and instead, you’re dealing with your ex or lawyers.

Incredibly alone because you miss your beloved so much, and only their presence would console you.

Completely overwhelmed with what people tell you to do with your life that you don’t even know where to start.

Flooded with so many emotions that it’s exhausting for you to function in daily life.

The good news is, you can reap what blessings you need from these difficult
experiences to create a new season of hopefulness and joy. 

Like these women before you...

Before Lilah started working with me, she would bend over backwards to keep the peace with her ex-husband, daughter and co-workers. By committing to using the tools and practices during the program, she rewrote her past and…

Discovered her voice to clearly express her needs to those that mattered and created loving boundaries.

Started sharing her artwork publicly and found a partner that completely adored her.

Finally felt like she came home to herself and reclaimed her life.

Lori started experiencing many changes in her workplace that caused her to quit her job. When she started working with me, we created the space for her to let go of all her frustrations without any judgement. She stopped worrying about what others thought she "should" be doing and stepped out in a big way. She…

Owned her innate gifts and accomplished more goals during the program than she had in a lifetime.

Created an online business and got fully booked out doing what she loves.

It’s possible to create peace and joy in your life. There’s still a vast and open sky ready for your reach.

Join The Light Beyond Loss Experience

When my mom died of cancer

I was just 12 years old…

I lost my home, my family... and my voice. I spent years unsettled, moving from home to home and later travelling frequently for work.  

Eventually, I created roots with a home, family and business of my own.  

One day my husband walked out of our marriage. Our separation brought up the grief of my mother tenfold. 

I’ll never forget walking into a dimly lit room that smelled like stale mothballs for my first (and only) therapy session. Instead of cleaning up the shrapnel of my broken marriage, all I could think about was getting the hell out of there.  OMG - I needed to breathe!

Knowing that I could not go back into that room, I searched for answers. I discovered that I had everything I needed to navigate this messy time in my life - sisterhood and nature.

With their support, I was able to find a true sense of belonging and joy. That’s why I created a really beautiful experience that combines sisterhood and mother nature that you won’t find anywhere else.

As a Master Facilitator guiding women through personal transformation (with 20+ years working directly with Mother Nature), I create a neutral space for you to be seen, heard and valued. You will receive the perfect mix of self-love practices, soul-led alignment strategies and energetic upgrades so that you can re-create your entire life.

When you work with me, you’ll…

No longer feel alone because you have a safe, judgement-free space with someone who gets what you are going through.
Have access to the only toolbox of practices and rituals curated for the season that you’re in (that you can easily go back to time and again) and honors your full range of emotions.
Tune into your intuition so you can make empowered choices and create a plan for moving forward that feels good to you.
Align with your inner wisdom and form healthy boundaries so that you can unlock your true desires, create a network of support and a life that you jump out of bed for!

"Lisa holds a beautiful, neutral space in such, authentic way. She offers that much needed support and connection we all need. To hear each other's stories is very powerful. It's always fulfilling and rewarding."
 - Joss Hannaford, 1lovehealing.com

Included in the 6 Month Journey:

Access to Six Core Modules:

Module 1: Seasonal Transitions - Lean into the seasons of grief and activate their elements using tools and practices so that you can finally feel like you belong and relax in knowing that you’re not stuck there forever.

Module 2: Rest in Winter - Learn how to intentionally slow down and deeply honor your grief so that you can embrace the darkness as a requisite to appreciate the richness of life.

Module 3: Arise into Spring - Emerge into the world with curiosity as you integrate the wisdom and nourishment gained from the darkness so that you can make empowered choices from full awareness.

Module 4: Summer Release - Unearth your true self and unshakeable confidence as you get to the root of your pain and fears so that you can tap into your superpowers and speak your truth.

Module 5: Align into Autumn - Get intimate with the language of your emotions and release past stories that no longer serve you so that you can claim your inherent worth and infinite abundance.

Module 6: Light Beyond Loss - Align your core values with your dreams and ambitions so that you can create a plan for moving forward and reclaim your next chapter!
3 X 60 minute Private Coaching Calls Per Month:
Individual support where we go to the root of your suffering and use transformational and embodiment techniques to release you from its grip (everyone who’s done this work is transformed).


Telegram Support for Six Months
Share your real-time experiences and realizations in a private chat with me.  I’ll offer you coaching and encouragement in return.


Tapping Into Peace Workshop
You’ll learn an effective tool to use in your everyday life when you’re feeling blocked from your intuition or disconnected from your emotions. This recorded 45-minute training will take you on a journey to invoke feelings of peace so that you can receive clarity from your inner guidance system to make empowered decisions.

Upgrade to VIP Sisterhood Experience:

2 x 90 minute Sister Circles per month
We meet with our sisters to explore each module through sharing, ritual and movement. This space allows the group to develop intimacy and deep listening while learning from one another’s experiences and embodying the teachings more deeply.


Telegram Group Support for Six Months
Share your experiences and create deeper bonds with your sisters in a private messaging chat. 


Sister Circle Retreat 
Spend 3 days with your sisters in a tropical, sacred site with all of the luxuries that’ll provide the perfect environment for deep connections and transforming your pain into joy.

"My biggest breakthrough in circle is realizing that I am not the only one." ~ Shannon

This is where you can take up all the space you need.
I'm welcoming 13 sisters into this experience.

“I took a huge step out of my comfort zone coming to circle for the first time. Lisa provided the perfect, safe container to feel into the oneness of sisterhood.  While some activities were scary for me, everything we did brought us closer together. It was magical. I highly recommend circle for anyone craving connection." ~ Danielle


That would be you!

We co-create an unwavering soft landing so that there’s a feeling of safety when you arrive. I’m passionate about creating a space where you show up in your realness and feel safe to spill your guts. Release your pain and fears so that you no longer feel disconnected as you move through the seasons of grief and loss.


(Read This Entire Section)


Are READY to release all of your pain, doubts and fears. This is a safe space for you to bring everything that is on your heart and mind into the light. Just by being witnessed, these intense emotions will dissipate.

Must be WILLING to release expectations and trust in the process - this is not a prescriptive yoga or therapy practice - you’ll receive the exact right medicine you need. What I do is listen deeply and offer support, encouragement, feedback and guidance to you.

WANT to dig down deep and no longer settle for life by default - you must be courageous by going to the roots of your suffering to release you from its grip and build muscles to overcome your obstacles with gradual ease


If you can’t shake the feeling that you’re doomed and convinced nothing works out for you…

Then this isn’t the right time for you to join this experience.


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